Weekly Vow

I recently reread an old post by one of my favorite bloggers, who wrote, “Watch how much your body allows you to do and feel. Give thanks. Be kind. Let’s not wait until we’re 70 to feel good about the vessel we landed to change the world from. There is freedom in appreciation given.”  Her post inspired my personal vow for this week.  I vow to stop myself from any thinking that leads to disappointment or frustration for something I cannot change.  I vow to practice self-love by being mindful of all that my body allows me to do.  I vow to strive for daily appreciation of this vessel I have been given, for some folks do not have the powers and abilities that I do.  Some do and then tragically lose those abilities.  Our bodies allow us to do much, see much, and learn much.  I vow not to treat my body like an object to fix, but rather as a place from which I have been given the fortune of discovering this world, or, as the aforementioned blogger put it, this living continuum to which we belong.