About Me



My name is Janie. I am a university student. This is where I share what makes une jolie vie. A pretty life.

Someday, I would like to be a traveling writer. 

All photos are mind unless otherwise specified. 

I like…
yoga, especially in the morning.
farmers markets, especially that in Madison, Wisconsin.
reading, especially good books.
French music, especially “Si Tu Vois Ma Mere.”
France, especially Toulouse.
Spain, especially San Sebastian.
Italy, especially Assisi.
vegetables, especially butternut squash.
when someone brushes my hair.
long springs, especially following long winters.
nut butter, especially by the spoonful.
reading blogs, especially Cupcakes & Cashmere, Deliciously Ella, and Happyolks.
watching Friends, especially with friends.



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